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The search for a QTH Part 1

Ham radioPosted by Mikael Larsmark 2007-11-08 09:26
I am looking for a place to buy where I can put up all the stuff I have bought. I have gathered some equipment through the years and recently I bought SM2HWG big tower with antennas so now I'm pretty stacked with stuff.

The search after a QTH will begin for real when my job hires (if they do...) me for real but I have still been peaking at some places. You can get hold of like summer cottages pretty cheap up here, everything between 10 000 euro to 32 000 euro is what I feel reasonable, if it's gonna be for radio use only.

If I manage to find a QTH close enough to work so that I can live there, then of course it can be more expensive. First thing I'd do if I find a QTH? Put up a 4 SQ for 80M and a vert for 160M smiley

Here is one object I found...

It's not too much land, only ~10 000m2 but maybe that can be bought more of it or get to borrow from the farmer who owns the fields.

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